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Andrea has also worked at Microsoft as an Audio Lead on the HoloLens App, "Actiongram," featuring collaborations with George Takei, Warcraft, Hello Kitty, etc., as well as working as a Senior Sound Designer on the Central Audio Team, supporting audio for company-wide HoloLens and Windows experiences. She sound designed, composed music, implemented audio for augmented and virtual reality across various platforms and devices such as the HoloLens, and VR headsets, among others, and designed audio prototypes to drive innovation across the organization. 

In the past, Andrea has also worked at Electronic Arts (EA) as an in-house sound designer on their eSports Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, “Dawngate,” as well as having freelanced in the video game and film industry. For a sample of her work, visit

Since covid-19 started, Andrea has homeschooled her daughter. She has detailed her learnings, tips, and tricks on successfully juggling working and homeschooling in her book, A Working Mom's Guide: How to Homeschool Without Losing Your Mind. She has also released a piano book for adult beginners titled, Your Golden Ears: First Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners. 

As a content creator, she also enjoys regularly uploading free piano and education resources on her YouTube Channel @homeschoolingwithandrea as well as creating music covers with her daughter. She founded Music Mouse Studios to provide educational and music resources for both kids and adults to help them achieve their dreams.  

Andrea Chang, founder of Music Mouse Studios, brings a wealth of experience from the audio and video games/tech industry. Her experience at Hi-Rez Studios, a video game company, has spanned from Audio Lead, to Audio Director, to Executive Producer. She built the audio team there from the ground up and has also supervised the centralized audio, art, production and outsourcing teams. Andrea has also provided high-level audio direction as well as hands-on audio support, for all things related to music, sound design, and VO, for all the games and cinematics at Hi-Rez, such as Rogue Company, Smite, Paladins, Realm Royale, Divine Knockout, and other unannounced games. 




Smite - Hi-Rez Studios

Audio Director


Divine Knockout

Audio Director, Executive Producer


Paladins - Hi-Rez Studios

Audio Director


Dawngate - Electronic Arts

Sound Designer

Rogue Company - Hi-Rez Studios

Audio Director


Icons: Combat Arena - 

Wavedash Games

Sound Designer


Realm of Swords - Tencent America

Sound Designer


Early Bird - Booyah

Sound Designer


Mage Gauntlet -

Rocketcat Games

Sound Designer


Hook Worlds - Rocketcat Games



Super Quickhook - Rocketcat Games



Punch Quest - Rocketcat Games


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